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CoachRx and InsideTracker Team Up, so Coaches can Use Blood Biomarkers to Deliver More Effective Prescriptions

If you have been a coach for any length of time, you have probably learned it’s as much of an art as it is a science, that there’s no such thing as a perfect program, and sometimes you have to do a certain amount of guesswork when making prescriptions to your clients. 


Because it’s hard to know exactly what’s happening inside different people’s bodies, let alone their minds, so we do our best to interpret what they need in order to deliver results.

That being said, the more we can discover with certainty about our clients, the better, and this is exactly why OPEX and CoachRx have partnered with InsideTracker, a platform that uses a patented algorithm to analyze the body’s data and provide a clear picture of what's going on inside.


How will the integration help fitness professionals?

The new integration between CoachRx and InsideTracker allows fitness professionals to analyze their clients’ blood biomarkers, the ultimate goal being to be able to provide a deeper level of personalization when it comes to exercise, nutrition and lifestyle prescriptions. 

OPEX CEO Carl Hardwick explained: “This partnership with InsideTracker allows our coaches to get even more personalized by analyzing data from their client’s blood and using our software, CoachRx, to use InsideTracker’s science-backed personalized recommendations to deliver the right prescription for them.”

In this sense, this integration is the next step in preventative healthcare.


How does the InsideTracker integration work? 

It’s simple. Clients will go in for a blood biomarkers test and their trainer/coach will have access to their blood test results inside the CoachRx app. 

Note: We have been working with InsideTracker to offer two options for blood biomarker tests to CoachRx users—the Ultimate Panel and the OPEX Body Panel.

The Ultimate Panel: The Ultimate Panel gives comprehensive information about 43 blood biomarkers, including factors that affect metabolism and weight control, such as glucose, HbA1c, Triglycerides, total cholesterol, and their LDL and HDL breakdown.

  • This plan provides insights on the person’s Vitamin D and calcium levels, which affect things like bone and muscle health, as well as insights into magnesium, vitamin B12 and folate levels, which have a big impact on cognition.

  • Further, the Ultimate Panel helps coaches gain a better idea as to the client’s inflammation levels, blood function, as well as liver function. 

The OPEX Body Panel: The OPEX Body Panel, on the other hand, focuses more on select biomarkers related to strength, recovery and resilience, making testing affordable for you and your clients. 

  • For example, coaches are able to see things like testosterone and cortisol levels, which impact strength and recovery, as well as fasting blood glucose levels, which impact energy and metabolism.

How CoachRx Using Coaches Will Benefit

CoachRx users will have access to education about blood analysis and how to interpret blood biomarkers. InsideTracker makes it simple for personal trainers and coaches to give recommendations to their clients by providing actionable suggestions in easy-to-understand language. This gives pros the tools to design programs built on real scientific data. Merging your client’s data directly into CoachRx makes it easier for you to use this advanced resource and evolve your onboarding and assessment methods. 

Furthermore, CoachRx users receive 50% off their own personal testing plans, while their clients will get 25% off testing plans. 

Register for a free 2-week CoachRx trial today and see how the service can enhance your ability to deliver results to your clients.