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The Best Coaching App for Nutrition AND Workout Programs

Does your life coordinating your clients look like this:

Your remote client John uses a nutrition tracking app that you also access to monitor his nutrition progress, while you deliver his training program to him via Google Drive on Sunday nights. He tends to prefer to communicate with you by text, but videos of his movements are usually shared via WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, your client Sara prefers to use a training app, and she’s constantly changing her mind about which ones she likes best, to receive her weekly program and mostly likes to communicate via Zoom. 

Then there’s your client Amanda. She’s a little more old school. She wants her workouts sent to her via email and likes to ask questions and get feedback with a phone call. 

…And on and on and on, spreading the coach so thin in so many different directions, all the while meaning you can never escape work, as there’s always someone hitting you up on some platform or another!

This is where CoachRX comes in: It’s an all-in-one place app that allows you to do everything you need to do to effectively service your clients, from the intake and assessment process, to rolling out individual design and lifestyle programs, to sharing videos, general communication, consultations and follow-ups. 

In fact, CoachRx is the only app that allows for exercise, nutrition and lifestyle coaching all in one place, saving coaches from living the life we just described that has them scrambling across 100 different platforms on a regular basis.

Four More Reasons CoachRx is the Way to Go

1. Simplicity for the Client

If you’re a coach, you know that half the battle with many clients comes down to compliance and accountability, or a lack thereof. This is why CoachRx was designed with these clients in mind: To make compliance as easy as possible.

  • As such, clients receive a DailyRx that lays out exactly what they have to do that day in regards to their training, lifestyle/nutrition homework. Once it’s complete, it’s a simple click of a box indicating they have complied. Further, the client also receives insights into their compliance.

  • That being said, should they want to provide more information about their training or nutrition that day, there’s also a place where they can leave additional notes for their coach. 

  • On the coach end, the app also allows the coach to set push notifications and reminders to the client, or a schedule reminder, if need be.

2. Made by Coaches for Coaches

CoachRx was designed by some of the most experienced individual design coaches in the industry, coaches with decades of experience, who knew exactly what was missing from other apps and systems they had used before. 

  • This led to features such as a video library right in the app, saving them the countless time they used to spend from shooting explanatory movement videos any time a client needed one.

  • It also led to the ability to communicate effectively with their clients right in the app, saving their phone from blowing up with work-related texts, WhatsApp messages, social media messages and emails even on the weekend when they’re trying to take some down time. 

  • Three other features the app creators thought were important—and which are included in CoachRx today—are a place for clients to include progress pictures in the app, the ability to simply create an equipment list for any given client, and the ability to easily modify a training schedule.

3. Designed for Personalization

One of the biggest problems with most training apps on the market is an inability to be able to easily build and deliver individualized training programs. 

  • There are some great apps for rolling out group programming to a larger population, for example, and some great ones that offer generic programs; however, they lack the ability for coaches to easily build 100 percent customized training plans for their clients. 

  • Being able to do this easily and effectively was at the heart of creating CoachRx, and since it was created by individual design coaches, they knew exactly what problems needed to be solved in order to build the first app of its kind designed specifically for personalized training and nutrition prescriptions. 

4. Data Insights

As the saying goes, Data = Power. Power for the coach and power for the client in order to stay on track long-term.

  • In light of this, CoachRx tracks all client data, from the first consultation to the assessment, to the weekly, monthly and yearly data they enter in the app. It goes without saying, being able to simply break down the data helps the coach better see what’s working, what’s not working, and what they need to tweak moving forward to give their clients the results they’re seeking to achieve.  

  • Coach data is also at your fingertips. This provides you with insight into how many programs you’re writing, how much time you spend on program design, the compliance rates of your clients, and how many communication touchpoints you’re having with them each week. All-in-all, this means better understanding of how you’re spending your time and whether you’re doing the best you can to nurture relationships with your clients.

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