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You run a fitness business. While fitness is about helping people live more fulfilling lives, business is about making money. See how your client count fits into our pricing structure. Maybe you’re just getting your feet wet in the industry? We understand because we’ve been there.

1-5 Clients




Up to 5 active clients CoachRx Payments

6-20 Clients




Up to 20 active clients CoachRx Payments

21-50 Clients




Up to 50 active clients CoachRx Payments

Have more than 50 clients? Well done! We've got pricing options and transition assistance at checkout to fit your impressive roster.

Just the perfect tool. It can hold all the information a coach needs, and I’m not only talking about the programing, time management and consultations. I’m talking about personal client data, nutrition and actual lifestyle coaching. The virtual coach-client relationship has never been so easy and efficient as with CoachRx.

Bruno Miguel Ferreira Rocha

Owner, Get.The.Coach.

I used to have Google docs spread out everywhere from my initial intakes, which was messy, confusing and time consuming. I now have a clean, crisp and systemized process for all clients, which leads to efficiency from a coaching perspective but, more importantly, accuracy when it comes to design for all of my clients—ensuring they are getting what they need from me as their coach.

Chad Johnson

Owner, Chamber Fitness

The reminders and check-in automations mean I’m spending less time scheduling things and more time communicating with my clients. I love the way client information is laid out and the ability to create custom forms. This means I can get rid of multiple applications for organizing client information and do it all in one place, instead. I’m now more efficient with my time while keeping a high quality of service to my clients.

Brandon Wilton

Owner, CrossFit South Bend