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Discover how you can use CoachRx to become a more efficient, successful and connected coach. Check out our most recent articles to learn from the experience of other leading fitness professionals, keep up with the latest updates to our ever-evolving fitness software and so much more.

Coach Firass El Fateh's Experience Switching to CoachRx

We reached out to one of our all-star coaches to find out why he chose to switch from TrueCoach to CoachRx for his gym and team of coaches to deliver programming, improve client relationships, and manage business operations. Here’s what Firass El Fateh, owner of OPEX Abbotsford, had to say about his experience with our cutting-edge fitness app.


Built by professional fitness coaches who work with clients every day, CoachRx is the best way to maximize your time and your clients’ results—so every workout is a win. Whether you’re in-person or remote, CoachRx is the last coaching software you’ll ever need.

CoachRx and InsideTracker Team Up, so Coaches can Use Blood Biomarkers to Deliver More Effective Prescriptions

If you have been a coach for any length of time, you have probably learned it’s as much of an art as it is a science, that there’s no such thing as a perfect program, and sometimes you have to do a certain amount of guesswork when making prescriptions to your clients.

How to Grow an Online Fitness Coaching Business

So you feel like you have the technical coaching skills to start building a remote coaching business, and create a lifestyle for yourself that will provide you with all the freedom in the world to set your own schedule and work from anywhere. It sounds like the dream for many current and aspiring coaches, but executing the plan is often more challenging than it seems.

How to Start a Personal Training Business

In theory, starting a personal training business can be as simple as taking a weekend course, or an online certification, and you’re off to the races.   The reality, however, is that if your investment is as little as an online course, you’re probably not going to feel confident in your ability to truly give your clients what they need, not to mention finishing a course doesn’t mean you have actual clients to work with.

The Best Coaching App for Nutrition AND Workout Programs

An all-in-one place app that allows you to do everything you need to do to effectively service your clients, from the intake and assessment process, to rolling out individual design and lifestyle programs, to sharing videos, general communication, consultations and follow-ups.