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CoachRx has been carefully designed to provide fitness professionals everything they need to give their clients a premium experience. Explore some of our favorite features and learn how they’ll save you time, improve your client relationships and, ultimately, improve your fitness business.

High-Efficiency Training Calendar

Write better programs, faster, with quick access to training splits, exercise videos, FME data, and other important client details, all helping you easily progress clients week-to-week.

Coaching Dashboard

Manage a full client load thanks to our coach dashboard, giving you quick insight into touchpoints, daily priorities, client activity, and coach efficiency metrics such as compliance and number of programs written.

Long-Term, Short-Term, and Daily Planning

Stay organized and on track with easy-to-use planning tools that align with OPEX principles of periodization, Energy System Training, and resistance training.

Fitness Monitoring Exercises (FMEs)

Quickly add FMEs to a client’s program for automated structural balance and priorities, plus pattern progressions. And access a quick view with our widget in the workout calendar.

OPEX Body, Move, and Work Assessments

Conduct intake and assessment the OPEX way through CoachRx, and easily identify movement faults and causes for automated priorities—and stay organized while you do.

Lifestyle and Nutrition Prescriptions

Assign personalized lifestyle and nutrition programs—and track compliance—to make it easier for your client. Progress nutrition and provide clients with in-app education on sleep, food hygiene, daily movement, water, and more.

Exercise Library

Provide your client with easy-to-follow exercise demonstrations, with over 1500 videos in our exercise library.


Draw program design inspiration from a growing library of OPEX-designed programs, and build out your own progressions to quickly assign to clients.


For gym owners: manage a team of coaches and get insight into compliance, consultation rate, touchpoints, and other key retention metrics on our Coaches dashboard.


Set personalized touchpoint goals to track how many times you message and comment with each of your clients. Make a game out of consistent and personalized communication!

Business Suite

Say goodbye to using multiple client softwares and start using CoachRx for all your billing needs. Along with a seamless payment process, gain the insight you need into your business metrics.

State-of-the-Art Mobile App

Our easy-to-use mobile app for iOS and Android enhances the experience of both coaches and clients with clear daily priorities, communication and messaging, seamless logging of results, and auto-completion.