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CoachRx is built to match with your unique coaching workflow and style. A little prep work on the front end will go a long way to enhance your program design efficiency and your enjoyment of the coaching process.

Download this free guide, Design Better Workouts, Faster, and we’ll take you through a step-by-step process for setting up your coaching systems in CoachRx.

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Ready to experience the all-in-one coaching software you need to increase the fitness of your clients and the health of your business?
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Over the months and years you’ll save countless hours (and dollars) by using one platform to both coach your clients and manage your business.

Right now, when you sign up for your free trial of CoachRx, you’ll gain immediate access to 10 FREE progressive program templates. These sample workouts were written by top fitness coaches and we’re throwing them in so you can see how the pros write programs to develop strength, skills, and energy systems for beginner to advanced clients. Use them, learn from them, and then try it for yourself—all in CoachRx.


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Now the fun begins! As a CoachRx user you’ll gain access to all of our premium features, including:

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The best part of CoachRx? We grow with you! You can add coaches to your team and increase your client load as your business expands.

With so much to love about CoachRx, you might wonder, “How could it get any better?” Well, we’re now giving you 10 progressive program templates—exclusive to CoachRx—to help you experience how smarter programming combined with a premium coaching app can elevate your value, so you can enjoy a thriving career as a pro coach. Get in and check them out today!

Whether you’re coaching five people or hundreds, you can rest assured that you’ll have a strong foundation of systems to optimize the fitness of your clients and health of your business.