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Built by professional fitness coaches who work with clients every day, CoachRx is the best way to maximize your time and your clients’ results—so every workout is a win. Whether you’re in-person or remote, CoachRx is the last coaching software you’ll ever need.

1: Industry-Leading Programming Tools

CoachRx is the most customizable coaching platform on the market. Build it to suit your workflow with a host of useful tools (and resources to spark your productivity)

  • Exercise Video Library (1500+ movements)

  • Long-Term, Short-Term, and Daily Planning

  • Both Individual Design and Programs

2: Business Suite

CoachRx isn’t just a coaching platform. Manage your coaching business with these essential features:

3: Client Relationship Management

Relationships are at the heart of your business and effective communication will make it or break it.

  • On-the-go communication

  • Personalized touchpoint goals

  • LOOM video integration

  • One app for Coaches and Clients (HUGE update coming soon!)

It's impossible to include all of the unique features available in CoachRx in one email. To get a better picture of the platform, we recommend you visit the Getting Started page by clicking the button below!

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CoachRx is built to match with your unique coaching workflow and style. A little prep work on the front end will go a long way to enhance your program design efficiency and your enjoyment of the coaching process.

Download the free programming guide, Design Better Workouts, Faster, and we’ll take you through a step-by-step process for setting up your coaching systems in CoachRx!

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